The perfect view

Very specific requirements recently encouraged one Huddersfield-based company to order 14 panels of Ambi-Aqua self-cleaning glass from TuffX for its customer.

It was chosen because the efficient glass shouldn’t have too strng a colour, while reflecting the sun’s heat in the summer and keeping it warmer in the winter.

Graham Price, director at TuffX, said “Our Ambi-Aqua glass is the perfect choice for conservatory roof glass. It is a superior glass roof product in the Ambience range with exceptional heat reflection capabilities. In respect of innovation and style, Ambi-Aqua is the most modern and reliable glass roof option that can offer year-round surroundings to live in.”

The homeowner said: “We are very happy with the outcome of the roof. We had never thought to convert the roof into glass until our friend had theirs done and we saw the benefits. The colour of the glass is a perfect slight aqua tint which is what we wanted. We are so pleased to be able to use our conservatory all year round.”

The Ambi-Aqua glass is a high performing glass which reflects 82% of the sun’s heat, reducing the internal temperature of a conservatory, particularly with a south facing aspect, by up to 9°C during the hottest summer months. It has a U-value as low as 1.0 and comes with self-cleaning properties. It also provides greater glare reduction, thanks to its aqua tint. TuffX offer a nationwide delivery service on any given day and can be delivered to factory or site.

Since TuffX launched the Ambi-Oversized glass in 2012, it has helped many clients solve numerous leaking conservatories roof for homeowners while improving them aesthetically.

A homeowner approached one installation company after her conservatory roof had started leaking a couple of months after being installed. With the company who fitted the conservatory originally no longer trading, the homeowner started to look farther afield for a reputable glass company that could solve her problem.

She came across TuffX’s oversized glass units and provided the installers with TuffX’s details. Having read about its benefits, the company believed if it eliminated muntin bars from the roof, the complications would stop.

The old conservatory roof had a total length of 3.35m. However, it had been fitted using two separate units, joined together with a muntin bar. TuffX understood that problems can come from muntin bars, this being one of the main reasons it decided to expand into supplying the oversized glass in 2012, when it invested in new machinery to manufacture glass up to lengths of 4,000mm in 4mm toughened.

TuffX supplied an Ambi-Aqua conservatory glass roof for the homeowner’s conservatory and the installer fitted it successfully. The glass is self-cleaning and offers up to 82% reduction from the sun’s heat rays, reducing the internal temperature of a conservatory in summer.

“I am so happy with my new glass roof,” the homeowner said. “To say goodbye to the unsightly muntin bars was wonderful and now the leaks are fixed, I feel that my conservatory is finally a habitual environment to live in.”

TuffX manufactures a wide range of toughened processed glass for domestic and commercial use from its factory based in Merseyside.

The companyhas over 20 vehicles, offering a free nationwide transport service that can deliver to factory or direct to site.

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