The best glass possible

TuffX’s processed department secured a job for a regular installer in north Wales, which requested glass for the outside of a beach front holiday home in Pwllheli.

The homeowners wanted to differentiate their home from its neighbours and give it a modern finish. TuffX asked to see an image of the home beforehand so they could ensure their client was getting the best glass possible. This had to be aesthetically pleasing as well as safe.

TuffX recommended 135m2 of toughened laminated glass.

The clients opted for 45m² of 15mm toughened laminated glass for the staircase and 90m² of 21.5mm toughened laminated for the surrounding balcony.

“Our holiday home is just how we pictured it,” the homeowners said. “We were optimistic when our installer suggested using TuffX as the glass supplier, having done some research on the company and its previous jobs.

“The glass is perfect and we get so many compliments on our home now.”