The answer to all problems

Mr and Mrs Rose have transformed their large T-shaped conservatory using the Ultraroof tiled roof system. Ultraframe explains how their new room is light and bright thanks to full length glazing panels, as well as being as warm as the rest of their home, all year round.

After deciding to upgrade their conservatory, Mr and Mrs Rose began to carry out research online and when they came across the Ultraroof solid tiled roof system from Ultraframe it seemed that they had found the answer to the problems they were experiencing.

“When we planned this upgrade to our conservatory, we wanted to make sure that we chose the solution that was right for us,” Mrs Rose said. “Our old conservatory had a polycarbonate roof which was noisy when it rained. Plus, it was quite dull inside and was too warm in summer and too cold in winter.

“We had tried to update it with a new roof and a UV film product, but this didn’t control the temperature, and the interior didn’t get much light because of the film. We soon decided that a solid roof was the only answer. We did a lot of research and after looking at different samples, we could see that the Ultraroof system was superior to anything else, both in terms of quality and construction.

“We found our local Ultra Installer – Lifestyle Windows and Conservatories – and knew from their Ultra Installer status and previous customer feedback, that we would be in safe hands.”

Working with the team at Lifestyle, the couple decided on an Ultraroof with two full-length glazed panels to ensure the room below had lots of natural light. The original Victorian roofs at either end of the conservatory were replaced with lean-tos featuring an external overhang feature. This new roof shape has increased the height of the conservatory at both ends, giving a greater feeling of space.

Ultraroof is a warm solid roof, and so Lifestyle Windows and Conservatories was confident that it would meet Mr and Mrs Rose’s desire for a room that could be enjoyed all year round. Ultraroof is also strong enough to mean it never needs a tie bar.

Due to the size of Mr and Mrs Rose’s conservatory, using another solid roof system would have meant one, if not several tie bars cutting across the vaulted ceiling. The couple also chose to update their windows and doors for new ones that are simpler in design – this further adds to the light, modern feel of their new conservatory.

“We love our new conservatory,” Mrs Rose said. “It has transformed our house, both visually and in terms of everyday use. Our old conservatory varied in temperature too much across the year, meaning we couldn’t always use it. We use the conservatory every day now because it has a more comfortable temperature and so we can enjoy it – and the improved views of our garden – all year round.

“We had concerns that it might be darker than our old glass roof with UV film but it’s actually much lighter thanks to the full-length glass panels and the new glass side panels at either end.

“We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lifestyle Windows and Conservatories either – their customer service was excellent. They had a very pleasant approach, they were helpful, and their skilled tradesmen did a fantastic job on our conservatory transformation project.”