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Trombé recently completed a SmartSecure installation at a high-end residential property, choosing Carl F Groupco’s new generation electronic lock to meet a brief to provide secure rear access to the home via a glass garden room.

Easy operation using a fob and keypad met the homeowner’s requirements for controlled access to the property. SmartSecure’s manual and electronic options also appealed to Trombé’s client as these provide an override solution. Additionally, the discreet nature of SmartSecure also impressed the property owner. The system is incorporated within Trombé’s minimal frame sliding door system ensuring that design aesthetics weren’t compromised.

Carl F Groupco worked with Trombé’s technical team so that the SmartSecure lock was fitted into the frame, and the keep was integrated into the sash.

Taking this approach demonstrated creativity and hardware flexibility to maintain the slim sightlines of the profile, plus the new configuration, enabled Trombé to provide motorised Secured by Design multipoint locking with access control, the company said.

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