Headland home benefits

The project team responsible for a striking residential property in the Channel Islands used Technal’s Dualframe 75 windows and the Elegance 52 curtain wall system, supplied by Pallot Glass and Windows, to complement the property’s modernist styling, as well as provide outstanding weather performance in a very exposed situation.

Island based Pallot Glass and Windows, a long-time user of the systems, was awarded the contract by main contractor, Hacquoil and Cook, to supply and fit all of the glazing for the two-storey, five-bedroom Jersey home, which has earned wide acclaim and been short-listed for several awards.

The package included an entrance screen that combined the Elegance 52 elements with a large bespoke timber door, and a fully glazed rear elevation with balconies overlooking the gardens.

Paul Bourke, director of Pallot Glass and Windows, said: “Our firm has been supplying aluminium systems since the 1970s and have always enjoyed good support from Technal, while the technical rep for Jersey is very successful at getting the systems on specifications with architects and developers here.

“As a result, we have used the Dualframe 75 windows and Elegance 52 systems on a wide variety of projects, including housing for the States of Jersey. The headland house was particularly striking due to its use of Elegance 52 curtain wall for the main entrance screen, rising a storey and a half, featuring a glass-to-glass joint at the corner. It is a project we are very proud of.”

The Dualframe 75 Si suite of profiles represents a new generation in window and facade products, featuring advanced polyamide thermal break technology within the frame.

Dualframe 75 Si provides high thermal performance without the need to resort to complex and costly sealed unit specifications, the company said.