Fourth time lucky

It was fourth time lucky for the owners of this toadstool-style door when they found Force 8, as three other companies had already tried and failed to fabricate the unusual design, the company said.

Aside from the style itself, another unique aspect of the door is the Force 8’s one-piece arch, which the company can produce up to 6,500mm in length. Once installed in Sale, Greater Manchester, neighbouring properties have been quick to follow suit and place their orders, having struggled to update their doors previously.

Dennis Sumner, managing director at Force 8, said: “In reality, there is no such thing as a standard arched frame, and this toadstool design is the perfect demonstration of this. We would be interested to see if there are any more houses around the country with a similar design, or a more unusual entrance, as this one is a first for us.”

Force 8’s arched door frames are available in a choice of profiles from Veka Group with a fully reinforced one-piece sash bend. Other companies bend their profile in sections and then weld it together to create the arch, which is not structurally as strong as a single length of profile and also means that unsightly welds are visible.

To complement the arched frames, Force 8 offers a range of full and part arched doors in a range of over 200 colours, all manufactured by the Stockport-based company, ensuring a perfect match between door and frame. A newly launched smooth finish door looks set to appeal to those wanting the looks of aluminium with the performance of a composite door.