Fire glass solution

Fire glass from Pyroguard was recently used in the redevelopment of Estación AVE Granada, refurbished station on Spain’s AVE rail network.

Faced with the challenge of designing a welcoming, light-filled and vibrant station, the use of natural daylight through high glass windows was chosen to deliver this vision.

The specification outlined by the customer – installer Taviart Carlet – was a glass that provides protection against the passage of flames, smoke and toxic gases for 30 minutes (E Classification) to allow for the safe evacuation of passengers.

Pyroguard developed a bespoke test using its in-house test furnace to ensure a fire-rated framing system that met the required specification.

Pyroguard Integrity is a range of toughened fire rated glass that provides integrity and radiant heat reduction for 30 minutes, with EW classification. The technical solution delivers a lightweight solution allowing exceptional light transmission, providing a light and airy public space.

Additionally, due to the average temperature of 24°C in Granada – rising to 32°C in the summer – a UV-stable solution was required, which Pyroguard Integrity Plus provided.

The Estación AVE Granada now has over 230m2 of Pyroguard Integrity Plus EW30 fitted – a total of 235 double-glazed units – delivering all the product characteristics required of the specification. And, by upgrading to double-glazing within a steel frame system, additional performance characteristics were made possible, including achieving the desired U-value and increasing the acoustic rating.