Effortless style

Profile 22 installer Max Glass recently completed an installation of Optima windows and patio doors in a 1930s home in Leeds.

Stephen Hobson, Max Glass’s director, said: “Our customer lived in a 1930s home and they wanted to maintain its period looks. The brief we had from them was that the new windows and the leading needed to replicate the original designs so they would not look like replacement windows.”

Five three-sided bay windows, nine casement windows, four arched top windows and one sliding patio door needed to be replaced.

With a white foil finish inside and out and square leading, the Optima windows from Profile 22 would bring a heritage look while the Window Energy rating of A and the low maintenance finish would ensure they had all the advantages of 21st century technology.

The windows and door were manufactured by Heritage Trade Frames in Bolton and installed by the Max Glass team in just one week.