Dynamic installation

The first installation of Smartglass Dynamic has resulted in praise from the homeowner of a newly refurbished conservatory.

Phil Stow approached Clayton Glass in February 2017 about the performance characteristics of specialist conservatory glass on dull days.  

Jason McCabe, commercial and site director of Clayton Glass, suggested that Smartglass Dynamic would outperform any other conservatory roof glass on hot sunny days, yet provide light transmission, very close to that of a standard IGU on duller days.

In response, Phil said: “In a clear state, like your literature states, [Smartglass Dynamic] performs similar to standard glass, giving true colours of the outside world. Furthermore, on dull days, the light transmitted is clearly noticeable as greater than the [alternative].

“So far, I cannot comment on hot day performance, but when the sun did briefly emerge and the outside temperature was around 14ºC the Dynamic magically tinted.

“Smartglass Dynamic is a fantastic product and I hope it produces the success for Clayton Glass you deserve for developing it. Thank you once again for letting me be one of the first customers to appreciate it.”