Down by the riverside

With a strict specification to adhere to, the pressure was on for Rehau fabricator Dessian when they were asked to complete a premium installation in an upmarket Glasgow suburb.

Cala Homes (West) approached Dessian for help on its Riverside at Bothwell development, which required Dessian to adhere to stricter than usual residential requirements.

Bothwell is located in the heart of the major transport links, within close proximity to both Glasgow and Edinburgh. Although it was just a small development for Cala, it was an idyllic and affluent one, nestled on the Clyde River. It is, therefore, a hotbed for the rich and famous.

Cala Homes was tasked to construct 12 large modern houses and apartments, with all the windows and doors specified in anthracite grey profile. The first challenge came in the specification: the development needed to be modern, yet in-keeping with the area’s traditional heritage. Dessian had to strike a fine balance to ensure that the build was progressive and contemporary in style, but still held onto the natural look of the semi-rural area.

As an exclusive Rehau fabricator of more than 30 years, Dessian was confident in using the Total70 tilt and turn, and casement windows. Not only did the range conform to the modernity of the specification and incorporate the anthracite grey colour profile, but also emphasised the light and space range of the surroundings to add character to the homes.

The second challenge for Dessian came in the installation process itself: keeping to a tight time schedule with as little disruption as possible. Dougie Irvining, assistant site manager at Cala Homes (West), was particularly concerned that because of where the site was situated, in a quiet residential area, the construction phase would cause some disturbance to the local residents.

“It was important that the onsite builders were considerate of the residents living there,” Dougie said. “At the end of the day, they were moving through a leafy suburb area that hadn’t been disturbed for a number of years.”

For this reason, it was imperative that the job was completed as quickly and quietly as possible, and Dessian assured Cala that it was a one-set job that would not fail.

Elaine McDermott, dusiness development manager at Dessian, said: “There was initial concern that the new-build wouldn’t blend into its surroundings, and that it would create some tension with the local residents. We’re really pleased with our work here, the Rehau range complemented the high-quality build and surpassed all expectation – it all just came together to create a really modern and clean look.

“For us in particular, it was a really good chance to demonstrate what Dessian and Rehau can do together. We got to show the best of the product, and the best of the installation. The windows and doors form a significant part of the development, and we really utilised the light and space range to make the most of the riverside views.”

Samsara McDonald, commercial sales manager at Rehau (Scotland), said: “We are very proud of the work our long-standing partners Dessian have done here. The Total70 range is demonstrative of Rehau’s mantra of windows being reinvented for modern life.”