Coventry’s tallest

At 23 storeys, the four-towered Code student accommodation building is one of the Midland’s tallest, most ambitious buildings – and a striking addition to the Coventry skyline that was only possible with help from Illbruck’s sealant technology.

It will house over a thousand spacious studio apartments, a gym, a cinema and more, and is located just two minutes from the University of Coventry’s main campus.

But thousands of rooms mean thousands of windows, and that’s where Illbruck’s involvement began.

“The fabricator fitting the windows on the project, wanted a quick, simple, issue-free installation process,” said Illbruck product manager David Naylor. “That’s why we recommended our ME220 membrane.

“It offers excellent weather sealing, it’s robust and slow to age, it’s got a highly effective vapour-barrier, and is very resistant to mechanical damage. Add in the fact it’s a breeze to fit, and you’ve got the perfect product for a high-volume installation like this.

“We also provided ME350 – a fully self-adhesive product for delivering an outstanding airtight and weatherproof seal. It’s incredibly gratifying to see our products used in a project as big and ambitious as this, and now, whenever you look up in Coventry, you’re very likely to see a window fitted with Illbruck technology.”