Award-winning renovation

An award-winning renovation project that turned a derelict Victorian chapel into a stylish guesthouse has been finished with an XtremeDoor from Vista.

Purchased by its current owners in the 1990s, the chapel had been empty for 30 years when refurbishment work began in 2013. Much of the interior timber structure was beyond repair, and the 1,517ft2 site required extensive reconstruction work to make it habitable again.

Now, the Chapel on the Hill has become a luxurious hotel capable of accommodating seven guests.

Vista added the finishing touch with an XtremeDoor powder-coated a striking red, chosen to precisely match the colour of the building’s windows.

The project has gone on to win an A’ Design Award in the Architecture, Building and Structure Design category for 2015-2016, a United Kingdom Property Award, and a Daily Telegraph Homebuilding and Renovating Award for best conversion.

Keith Sadler, Vista managing director, said: “When people talk about the strengths of the XtremeDoor, they’ll often start with its superb security credentials, weather resistance or thermal efficiency – but just as crucial to its success has been its aesthetic versatility. With virtually endless colour choices and a huge array of glazing, hardware and other options, installers can perfectly tailor an XtremeDoor to the look and character of any property – an extremely valuable USP in the modern marketplace.”

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