A warm house

Shay and Terry Cornford added an Ultraroof extension to their modern detached home and have found that not only has it created a new living space, but it has also made their home warmer.

“We wanted a garden room for two reasons: to be able to enjoy the garden without getting blown away (we have some very strong winds); and to enhance our privacy – we can now enjoy the garden without being overlooked,” Shay said.

Working with their Ultraframe installer Southern Conservatories, the Cornford’s settled on a design that features a full-height wall, a floor-to-ceiling picture window on the gable end, and a full elevation of bifold doors. Finished in anthracite grey, the extension complements their red brick home. Grey tiles on their Ultraroof finish off the modern look, while a full height glazed panel in the roof ensures that the interior of the extension is bright and light.

Ultraroof is a complete warm roof system with a U-value as low as 0.13W/m2K.

“We are pleased with the lovely thick insulated roof, which is cool in summer but retains the heat in winter,” Shay said. “It has made the whole house warmer and I know we are now using less fuel.”

This project won the Ultraframe November 2020 Installation of the Month competition.