Dempsey Dyer recently helped a customer complete a lucrative job in an Oxfordshire conservation area.

Windmill Windows had been called on to refurbish a property in a historically sensitive part of the county. Together with the homeowner, the company decided to replace the existing windows with Deceuninck’s heritage flush sash.

However, the project hit a problem. While impressed with the Deceuninck product’s period detailing, Oxfordshire conservation officers rejected it, arguing that its astragal bar was too wide, and not sufficiently timber-like, for use in a conservation area.

Dempsey Dyer collaborated with astragal bar specialists the Georgian Bar Company to produce a version of the Deceuninck Flush Sash that would meet the strict standards of the Oxfordshire conservation office.

Outfitted with a slimmer astragal bar, the products were given the go-ahead – allowing Windmill to bring the project to a successful conclusion.
“All conservation areas are different – and products that might satisfy some conservation officers might not convince others,” Peter Dyer, Dempsey Dyer’s managing director, said.

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