Wish list met by supplier

ABC Glass Processing recently had a Bottero fully automatic storage, loading and cutting line installed at its factory in Portsmouth.

Bottero was chosen as supplier after meeting a number of criteria specified by ABC.

The line is capable of handling 4,500mm x 3,210mm stock sheets in addition to the standard 3,210mm x 2,550mm. It is a compact warehouse system with 25 stock racks, each with 400mm of multi-pack glass storage depth. It all sits within a compact footprint of approximately 17m x 13m.

“Our new cutting table from Bottero has really enhanced our manufacturing process,” Alan Hellyer from ABC Glass Processing said.

“We gave the company a wish list of what we required, which was the ability to cut 4,500mm x 3,210mm with automatic loading because we were free-falling 3,210mm x 2550mm. We also wanted to double our stock holding from 26 packs to 52 packs into very limited space and height restrictions.”

Bottero sent a design team from Italy to see the problems first hand, and after a few months the company had met all of the requirements on the wish list.

Alan said no other machinery company met all of the requirements.

“After that everything else was plain sailing,” he said.

“Deliveries and commissioning went extremely well as we were working within very small tolerances, and the finished result exceeded all our expectations.

“We can say from the initial design to commissioning everybody was extremely professional.

“Since we have had our cutting table installed we have ordered a beveller from Bottero that is being delivered soon, which is a vote of confidence for the company.”