Versatile option

Schueco UK has introduced the ASS 70.HI DE, a more versatile version of the lift-and-slide door that it introduced in 2010.

This new Schueco system retains the basic profile depth of 70mm but offers a slimline configuration with central meeting stiles that measure 48mm.

Other improvements include: vent weights of up to 300kg (and a special design up to 400kg); a maximum glass thickness of 48mm; and an easy-access threshold of just 25mm.

The Schueco ASS 70.HI DE also has new drainage that enables the system to achieve a higher degree of watertightness. Thermal insulation is in accordance with EN ISO 10077, Part 1, Ud <1.3W/m2K, depending on the design and size. The ASS 70.HI DE comes in a wide range of colours and the inside and outside frames can be specified in contrasting colours, and there is a range of opening types based on a double track configuration. The Design Edition door is equipped with two-component insulating bars, which have been developed specifically for door leaves that are subject to marked differences in temperature between the outer and inner profile components.