Ultraframe launches hup! brick slip options

Ultraframe has launched a range of brick slip choices for its hup! building system.

Available via a dedicated new website, www.hupbrickslips.co.uk, 34 shades are available, along with tools and accessories for completing a brick slips hup! project. There is also a brick match service for homeowners looking for an exact match to the existing house.

Ultraframe marketing director, Alex Hewitt, said: “Although any external finish can be used on a hup! build – including render brick mesh, timber, claddings etc – brick slips are a great way to finish a hup! build for those wanting an authentic traditional look.

“We are even able to offer a free of charge brick match service to ensure the ideal match to the existing property.

“We have negotiated preferential rates for hup! users and so by ordering via the new website, our customers can access exclusive discounted prices to provide considerable savings vs buying from other brick slip suppliers. We can also be confident that these brick slips work perfectly with hup! and are of a high quality.”

Each colour is available in 0.5m2 boxes and a calculator is available on the website to help work out how many brick slips, trims, mortar etc are needed for each project. A code on the site allows for a 5% discount on every first order and free samples are available to let people see and feel the brick slips before committing to a full order. A

long with the free samples and standard brick slips, it is also possible to order corner and reveal brick slips, meaning there is a solution for every project.

Ultraframe says that the simple to use brick match service ensures the closest possible match to the existing brickwork. After reviewing the brickwork on the property, experts will identify the correct brick type and organise a free of charge sample to be sent out to confirm the match before proceeding to order.