Ultion unveils mobile showroom

Ultion has launched a new demo van. The ‘Lockdown Express’, affectionately shortened to ‘Ellie’, is a mobile showcase equipped with Ultion’s full product range, including an Ultion Bolt demo and the Ultion NUKI smart lock.

It has been introduced to travel across the UK and brings Ultion’s products directly to both potential and existing customers.

Over recent years, Ultion has significantly expanded its range, moving from primarily cylinder locks to a wide range of door hardware solutions.

“Our mobile showroom serves as a mobile billboard and a hands-on demo space that brings Ultion directly to the customer’s doorstep,” said Nick Dutton, Ultion’s CEO. “This hands-on approach allows us to showcase the true value of our products, which are best appreciated in their intended environment.”

If you’re interested in a visit from the Lockdown Express, please call Ultion on: 01157 843162.