Ultimate endorsement

Mila’s ProSecure TS007 2-Star security handle has been chosen by a specialist locksmiths company headed up by two ex-police officers.

Shefflock, which operates across Sheffield and the South Yorkshire region, is now routinely fitting the Mila handle on more than half of its installations, giving customers the choice of either a 1-Star or 3-Star cylinder fitted alongside.

Ex police officers Kevin Hanson and his son Chris both had direct experience of investigating burglaries and advising householders on security prevention before they set up Shefflock with Chris’s brother Richard. They knew the importance of installing a visual deterrent in the battle against burglars, and identified the Mila ProSecure handle as providing the ideal combination of quality and value for their customers.

Kevin Hanson said: “I met many prolific burglars during my police career, many of whom told me they simply walked away from properties with effective visible security because they knew there would always be softer, easier targets nearby.

“At Shefflock, we always advise customers with a suitable door type to have a Mila high security handle with Secured By Design logo fitted, even if they are choosing a three star cylinder. The extra visual deterrent it provides is definitely worthwhile.”

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