Tied in

Shepley Windows has reached the ten-year milestone in its use of fasteners from Rapierstar.

The company produces more than 2,000 Rehau windows every week and Rapierstar has kept pace with the evolution of new Rehau profile systems and hardware configurations.

Boasting an otif of 99.2%, the company provides regular ‘fastener health checks’ to ensure its fabricators use of fasteners is correct. This consultancy approach helps Shepley to streamline production and maintain product quality and performance standards.

Tony Ball, sales director at Shepley Windows, said: “Our success has been built around supplying excellent quality doors and windows every time, on time, and that’s something we can only do by being super-efficient in our manufacturing.

“That means aligning ourselves with the right supply chain partners and having confidence in their ability to deliver high quality components when we need them. Rapierstar is exactly this kind of supplier, and the fact that we’ve sourced our fasteners from them for a decade demonstrates how well they tick all the boxes.”