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Mila has published the latest version of its Key product catalogue – The Key 8.

It has been completely redesigned and updated to make it even more usable and accessible for customers, the company said.

The 450+ page Key 8 is available on the Mila website as a PDF for those who want to access it on laptops or mobiles, or as a printed A5 catalogue for customers who want to keep a copy on their desk, on their workbench, or in their glovebox.

It has been redesigned for easy referencing, with colour coded sections for each product type and guides at the start of each of these sections showing the right version of the product to use for any particular application.

Every product included is illustrated with a close-up photo and a list of its features and benefits, and there is a technical drawing alongside and a list of part numbers for easy ordering.

Where relevant, there are photos of the finishes available, and at-a-glance icons showing what type of guarantee the product comes with and the accreditations it holds.

More than 50% of the catalogue is devoted to Mila products, but there is also similarly detailed information on the third party products which Mila supplies from other brands such as Siegenia and Yale.

Mila is stressing that the Key 8 is more than just a product directory; it also includes useful information such as maintenance guidelines for all of the products, a guide to Mila’s guarantee icons and what they mean, and even the company’s T&Cs.

A postcode finder shows customers which postcodes in the UK are classified as coastal or high pollution areas, and where Mila recommends the use of its Supa stainless steel hardware products in Grade 316.

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