The art of the possible

A new product catalogue has been launched by Pyroguard, which includes quick-reference selection guides to make fire glass specification easier.

The new catalogue includes user-friendly features which simplify the selection of fire resistant glass. From its simple navigator that identifies the correct product, right through to icons that indicate product performance at a glance, and a comprehensive technical specification guide, the catalogue allows quick comparison of product characteristics.  

Pyroguard offers a wide range of fire resistant glass: from simple, integrity only ‘E’ rated glazing through to high performance, insulating ‘EI’ classification solutions.

The catalogue not only introduces a new, memorable naming scheme for Pyroguard product ranges, but also unveils its new solution: Pyroguard Ultra.

A new premium range of toughened fire-rated glass, Pyroguard Ultra has been developed with a polyelectrolyte interlayer solution. This patented gel formulation provides integrity and heat insulation to EI30 & EI60 classifications, combined with acoustic performance, light transmission, low thickness and light weight.

The catalogue also includes the application-specific products Pyroguard Infinity, Attackguard and Smokeguard, which provide high performance options for visually appealing butt joint applications, manual attack protection and smoke control.

Neil Tilsley, CEO of Pyroguard, said: “Our solutions deliver not only on safety requirements, but also on design, light transmission, acoustics, thermal insulation and impact protection – providing all the characteristics needed to create safe spaces for living, working, learning and recuperating.”