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Double R Glass & Roofing Systems has added the Saint Gobain Masterglass range of textured glass to its suite of IGU and conservatory roof products.

“We are always looking to offer our customers something new,” Ian Sims, managing director of Double R, said “to keep them ahead of their competitors. We pride ourselves on our pioneering approach and always strive to be among the first, if not the first to bring new products, from suppliers we trust, to market.

“We were already a customer of Saint-Gobain so were excited to see their new range of contemporary architectural design glass. The range features eight stunning designs:  Arena, Mastercarre, Masterligne, Masterpoint, Mastersoft, Satinovo, Thela and Waterdrop. The entire range brings together functional privacy with striking aesthetics, therefore offering our customers the chance to elevate their offering and truly differentiate from the competition.”


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