Talking technology

Geze’s new IQ box KNX – an interface for IQ window drives – can ‘talk’ to technology solutions around a building linked into a KNX building system.

The BMS central panel displays the status of automatic windows which can be controlled and monitored within a central location. They can also communicate with other KNX components, such as push buttons and sensors, so that all windows in a building can be closed at the same time.

Should a weather station report rain or high wind speeds, the IQ box KNX will send a signal to the window drives to close them. The interface can also reverse this action if the concentration of CO2, humidity or ambient temperature are too high within the building.

Geze has also produced a KNX Display Corlo Touch Wi-Fi device that connects to the IQ box KNX to allow the user to control the interface using a tablet, smartphone or home computer. The Corlo Touch generates a visual display of the network featuring nearly 250 icons depicting components of the KNX system, such as smoke detectors and KNX switch.