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Deceuninck has launched Decalu, an ultra-energy efficient aluminium system.

The complete aluminium window and door offer has been designed to combine U-values of as low as 0.68W/m2K with significantly reduced manufacturing times and increased installation efficiencies.

It’s also being underpinned by a commitment to bring new levels of service and flexibility to aluminium systems supply.

This includes dual-colour and marine grade as standard, something which Nigel Headford, Deceuninck Aluminium’s business development director, said would deliver significant advantages to fabricators and installers.

“Decalu is a proven aluminium system, which is already established throughout Europe,” he said. “It’s designed to be easy to manufacture, easy to install and cost-effective, adding value and leaving manufacturers room to build in margin.

“We’re also determined to change expectations of service and support in aluminium. This includes offering dual-colour product as standard.”

Nigel said the Decalu system’s range had been developed to encompass a complete suite of products. This he said had been designed to minimize stockholding through the use of a single inner frame and mid-section, integrated insulation, and pre-inserted, co-extruded gaskets.

It encompasses the Decalu88 Bi-folding Door, Decalu163 Lift-and-Slide, the Decalu88 range of contemporary casements, reversible, tilt-and-turn, and heritage options, and Decalu101 Scand, Deceuninck Aluminium’s ultra-energy-efficient window system, which achieves U-values as low as 0.89W/m2K.

At launch, the aluminium systems house has chosen to place significant focus on the Decalu88 Bi-folding Door, as a product which it argues delivers immediate advantages to fabricators, including PVCU manufacturers that currently buy-in.

“You don’t need to hold so much stock while the Decalu88 Bi-fold delivers a series of manufacturing efficiencies, which means you can cut manufacturing time by more than 30% against comparable aluminium systems,” Nigel said.

“Use of pre-inserted, co-extruded gasket, means that you don’t get shrinkage, something which is a massive problem for installers, and, as a fabricator, you a don’t need someone on in-house assembly, freeing up labour.

“Another benefit for fabricators and installers is that as well as being available in dual colour as standard, the Decalu88 can also be colour matched to Deceuninck’s PVCU foil range.

“That’s a strong message in retail because you can sell a house full of windows and doors from the same manufacturer with a perfect colour-match.

“We believe it makes the case for those PVCU fabricators who are buying-in aluminium doors to start manufacture. It immediately gives them more margin and adds-value to their own customer offer.”

The system has also been designed to support PVCU specialists make the transition to in-house manufacture of aluminium through the use of a PVCU Eurogroove, which means PVCU manufactures don’t need to double-up on stockholding of hardware and gearing.

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