Straightforward guarantees

Mila has launched a new set of design icons to show what is included in every guarantee.

These will be used across all of Mila’s packaging, website and new catalogue, so that buyers can see whether they are choosing a 5, 10, 20 or even 25-year guarantee on performance or finish, or both.

Mila does not require installations to be registered online. As long as the product has been fitted in accordance with Mila’s guidelines, if either the product or the finish fails within the time limit of the guarantee, customers need to provide photographic evidence or return the product to Mila to receive a replacement.

Richard Gyde said: “We believe in treating customers fairly and honestly and this is a key part of that. Obviously, the reason we can offer such a straightforward and simple guarantee scheme is that failures on Mila products are so rare. Our quality assurance processes are so advanced now that by the time a product reaches the customer, it has already been through a testing regime much more arduous than anything it’s likely to face out in the real world.”

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