Star perfomance

With Trojan’s TS007 2-Star handle and a 1-Star cylinder you can meet the requirements of Document Q at a competitive price, the company has announced.

Tony Chadwick, Trojan Group’s managing director, said: “The take up of the TS007 2-Star handle has been superb, with fabricators indicating that the product’s 2-Star cylinder guard gives a clear visual deterrent compared to the more expensive 3-Star cylinder variants as would-be criminals cannot always see what is fitted to the door.”

Consort recently switched to offering stainless steel hardware on its residential doors and it is using Trojan’s TS007 2-Star handle and a 1-Star cylinder on some products as part of this switch.

Jeff Dunn, head of sales and marketing at Consort, said: “Trojan’s stainless steel TS007 2-Star Handle helps us deliver a product that is reliable and secure. Our installers have a valuable USP which should significantly reduce costly remedial visits. The homeowners can have confidence they are investing in a high-quality product that meets all of the regulations and can keep their home and family safe.”

The TS007 2 Star Handle from Trojan is manufactured in 304 stainless steel, so as well as offering a competitively priced security solution it also offers corrosion resistance. It comes with a 25-year anti-corrosion guarantee and a ten-year mechanical guarantee.