Software surpasses 750 users

Insight Data’s sales and marketing tool Salestracker has passed 750 users.

Salestracker is designed to help businesses that sell into construction and fenestration industries to discover and connect with a range of customers.

“Salestracker helps users target the perfect customers for their products and services,” Insight Data said. “Salestracker provides in-depth market intelligence not available anywhere else and in real-time, all within a platform with built-in CRM, credit profiling, email marketing and document storage. This platform lives on the cloud to enable full remote-working ability.”

Jade Greenhow, director of operations, said: “We know that 2020 has been one of the strangest years in recent record. Despite challenging economic conditions across the country, fenestration has largely experienced a mini boom. However, with more regional lockdowns happening all the time, and a new recession starting to be felt, we know that there will be tough times ahead for everyone.

“That’s why it is so important that we shout about Salestracker and its benefits for businesses that will need new customers to survive. The news that more people are using Salestracker now than ever before is a good opportunity for us to spread the word about this incredibly powerful and effective tool.”