Software partner

Pricepoint sales has been chosen by Independent Network as a partner to provide its members with software to enable them to sell to homeowners remotely.

With the ongoing issues around visiting people’s homes, or inviting them to showrooms, the opportunity to embrace a modern means of selling is perfectly timed, the company said.

Pricepoint sales software has been developed by MP Logic and includes over one million designs, a comprehensive range of product types, a homeowner visualiser to enable customers to upload a photograph of their home to overlay new window and door designs on to, and the opportunity for installers to upload their existing price lists to provide accurate and professional quotes within minutes.

Speaking for Independent Network, head of partner programmes Karen Lund said: “We are delighted to put the Pricepoint remote sales software forward to our membership. It is exactly the kind of innovative product we are always looking for, and especially in these challenging times we know it will really help them to continue working, and indeed prosper.”

The system is intuitive and easy to use, can be used without the need for an internet connection and, for those companies with more than one user, has a built in CRM management system.

Speaking for Pricepoint, sales and marketing director Shaun McAllister said: “For us this is a great moment. To be working with a network which has been in existence for over 25 years and is renowned for the quality, craftsmanship and service delivered by its members working out on site is truly exciting.

“We know that the software we have developed by working in consultation with the installer sector is truly comprehensive and there are more developments to come.

“We will be working with Independent Network members to offer free trials and training, as well as providing ongoing support once they are using the system as a part of their daily sales operations.”