Smooth enhancement

Ultraframe’s Ultrasky PVCU lantern is now available in smooth anthracite grey foil on a reduced lead time of just five days, and at a far more competitive price, the company said.

Ultraframe’s marketing director Alex Hewitt said: “Where previously a grey Ultrasky lantern would have been sprayed, or featured aluminium cappings, both our fabricators and kit customers can now get a smooth grey foiled lantern on a five-day lead time. Not only that, but we’ve been able to make cost savings, even though this is an enhancement to the system, and so naturally we have passed these on to our customers.”

The Ultrasky Lantern is thermally broken both inside and out, making it suitable for kitchen extensions where temperature fluctuations and rising steam could otherwise cause issues. Its super-strong ridge means that the Ultrasky Lantern can span up to 4m x 5.85m, the company said.