Smart access

Apeer now offers Yale’s Conexis keyless smart door lock as an option across the full range of the company’s composite residential doors.

Yale Conexis offers the freedom to control access through the door remotely or directly without keys, unlocking and locking doors using app-enabled smart phones, key cards, tags or phone tags (sold separately).

With all functions controlled via the Conexis app, the user may send mobile ‘keys’ to family and friends, with the option to give access permanently or for a few weeks or hours if required. Keys may be revoked instantly.

Five keys are provided with the lock, with additional keys purchased via the app.

The app also allows the user to keep track of who comes and goes, sending notifications to the user’s smart phone, ideal to check when children arrive home for example.

To unlock the door, the user simply presents their smart phone to the lock to wake the Bluetooth function, and then twists the device through 90º to release the door.

Apeer doors have been using the Yale mantis multi-point lock for over 15 years and Conexis can be retrofitted to any Apeer door where customers would like to upgrade. In fact, the Conexis smart lock may be installed on all regular locking mechanisms.