Side by side

Lifestyle Windows of Derby has revealed that when side-by-side with competitor systems, homeownerssee the benefits of the Ultraroof tiled roof, and often choose it due to its good looks and technical credentials.

Chris Vincent, director at Lifestyle Windows, said: “We added a competitor tiled roof to our show site last year to show customers the real difference.That may sound extreme as an Ultraframe installer, but the average homeowner really has a hard time telling one roof from another unless they can look directly at them both, even with cross section samples.

“The competitor roof looks poorly finished next to the Ultraroof but that’s the point – it was a brilliant move. We have a high footfall through our show site and people are always drawn to Ultraroof after looking at both systems together as they can see the difference in quality and aesthetics.”

Homeowners expect a solid tiled roof to feel less like a conservatory and more like an extension, Ultraframesaid, and unlike other tiled roofing systems, which are based on conservatory technology, Ultraroof has a 380mm wide box beam which never needs a tie bar.

Ultraframe’sdesign anddevelopment director Andrew Thomson said: “It’s fantastic to hear that as in the research, homeowners can really tell the difference between Ultraroof and its competitors and choose it as the superior roof. We continue to enhance the system and the second generation Ultraroof is fully configurable into any shape or size, and is also 20% faster to fit.

“Of course, one of the main reasons that homeowners choose a tiled roof is to benefit from the outstanding thermal performance that this kind of roof can offer, and Ultraroof boasts unrivalled thermals, with a U-value of just 0.13W/m2K possible. It is also the strongest tiled roof on the market, with unsupported spans of up to 4m possible, ideal for ever-popular bifold doors.”