Sheerline launches Prestige reverse butt joint

Sheerline has launched a reverse butt joint for the Prestige window system.

Based on Sheerline’s tried and tested corner cleat, a new patented, precision-machined, aluminium T cleat will enable Sheerline customers to offer fully internally beaded aluminium windows, that feature both opening vents and fixed panes.

According to Sheerline, it will streamline the fabrication and installation process, enabling fabricators to manufacture the reverse butt joint using the Prestige Z transom.

This solution eliminates the need for external glazing, reverse adaptors, and dummy sashes, therefore saving time and money. Sheerline adds that the reduction in materials, manufacturing, and labour costs also adds to the appeal of the product and opens a ‘realm of opportunity’ in the specification sector.

Large-scale commercial projects and tenders, where efficiency is key, will benefit from the streamlined approach offered by the Z transom, including projects that require fully internally glazed windows as it reduces the need for scaffolding as glazing and remedial work can be carried out from within a building.

According to Sheerline, the reverse butt joint uses less material when compared to windows that use a dummy sash, saving 20% on material and labour costs when compared to a window featuring a dummy sash rather than a fixed light.

Dave Watts, Sheerline’s technical sales director, said: “Anyone who operates within the PVC -U market is aware of the advantages of reverse butt joints, but within the aluminium industry, they’re relatively unheard of as legacy aluminium systems can’t accommodate them. With our new reverse butt joint, we want to show fabricators, installers, and consumers that there are options for aluminium too!”