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In the last year, ERA has developed 14 new products designed to deliver ‘total home security’, and is urging retailers to think about how it can deliver value-added security with the installation of its range of ‘plug and play’ wireless alarm systems.

Will Butler, ERA innovation and marketing director said: “We know from our partnership with the Neighbourhood Watch that homeowners are looking to firms like ERA to help them choose the most appropriate level of protection for their home. This presents a very real opportunity for window and door retailers who can bridge that gap and add a further layer of home protection alongside their window and door recommendations.”

ERA’s portfolio of alarms is designed for all budgets and all sizes of properties with a range of accessories that can be added to at any time.
“Our alarm range is designed principally as a self-install kit but it’s perfectly suited to sit alongside our recently launched Total Security Guarantee. For example, if the window/door installation is covered by our guarantee then we will pay out £5,000 in the event of a break-in, no questions asked, no complicated small print, just a cheque to say sorry for the inconvenience.

“If the home is also protected by our Invincible alarm kit, then that cheque increases to £10,000. That’s a compelling sales opportunity for any window or door retailer and tells the consumer just how confident we are in the performance of our total security offer.”

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