Safe and sound

The Office Partition XL from CRL can accommodate 28mm thick insulating glass which insulates sound up to 42dB, allowing people to work undisturbed by noise around them.

Combined with its acoustic benefits, the Office Partition XL System makes installation quick and easy.

With the Office Partition XL System from CRL, the height of hinged doors can be easily adjusted, glass fabrication is not required and the doors can be installed in mounted ceiling profiles in wall-to-glass or glass-to-glass applications.

Even floor-to-ceiling doors can be mounted, if desired. CRL offers a choice of high-quality door hinges, latches, and handle sets to complete the installation.

The standard dry-glazed system provides a maximum transparency and an elegant appearance thanks to its thin, powder-coated profiles available in a satin anodised or brushed nickel finish.

The profiles can be fixed to ceilings, floors, walls and door frames for a complete look, are suitable for 8mm-16mm monolithic toughened glass or laminated glass and are supplied with EPDM fixing gaskets available in black or grey.

To help with the glass panel installation, the CRL Vacuum Ratchet Tensioning Kit enables the glass panels to be easily placed and pulled together.

With no silicone sealant required, a clean and neat finish is achieved with polycarbonate joints that simply clip on the glass. The Office Partition System from CRL is suitable for 180°, 135° and 90° abutment joints, T-connections and corner joints.