Reynaers reduces lead times on ConceptWall 50 curtain wall

Following the expansion of its UK warehouse, Reynaers Aluminium UK has significantly reduced lead times on its ConceptWall 50 curtain wall system.

The building extension, completed in July last year, increased Reynaers UK warehouse space to 95,000ft2 giving additional space for approximately 40% extra stock. Since then, stock is reported to have been increased in line with demand with a view to minimising lead times for fabricators and installers.

ConceptWall 50 (CW 50) is Reynaers’ stick façade and roof system. It offers a wide range of design variants, which are highly insulated. CW 50 can achieve Passive House levels of thermal performance – 0.8W/m²K. It is also said to provide high specification resilience with accredited weather performance, while its quality is assured through CWCT testing and approval.

John McComb, technical director at Reynaers, said: “We work with many clients on large-scale projects that require specific, bespoke curtain walling, which by their nature must be planned well in advance.

“However, there are a great number of mid-sized projects that feature curtain walling, but where it is either not specified at the design stage – or the identified choice of system is not available within the timeframe of the project.

“As a result, curtain walling in low to mid-rise projects is often needed within a short space of time to allow a project to remain on track, especially if it has been switched out and needs to be replaced due to a lack of availability.

“ConceptWall 50 is suitable for tall buildings, as well as smaller commercial projects, including low to mid-level buildings such as schools, retail outlets, offices and medical centres.”