Reversible windows hardware

Carl F Groupco now supplies Liniar’s new range of reversible windows, available exclusively to fabricators from summer 2018.

The established PN by Roto Uni Hinge and Roto TSL Espagnolette fitting options will be sold directly to customers by the hardware distributor.

As part of its work promoting fittings to systems companies, Carl F Groupco’s PN-Roto technical team liaised with Liniar, providing hardware advice and development input.

Key reasons for Liniar selecting Carl F Groupco as one of the hardware suppliers for the window are PN-Roto’s proven track record and design features that are compatible with the requirements of the new range. The Liniar team was also impressed by Carl F Groupco’s knowledge of PN-Roto, the company’s professionalism and its technical expertise.

The new Liniar window, with moving pane that rotates through a full 180° cycle for easy cleaning inside the property, is suited to high-rise applications. The design, developed by Liniar’s in-house team, results in a flush sash appearance both inside and out. Patented features, including Liniar’s co-extruded bubble gasket, thermal dam and glazing flipper, ensure draught-free installation with high thermal efficiency. The PN-Roto hinge and Roto TSL espag supplied by Carl F Groupco complement the slimline design aesthetics of the new window range.

The new window with Roto PN hinge and TSL espagnolette achieved full accreditation, including PAS 24, in May 2018. Hardware certification includes Grade 5 for the hinge on a salt spray accelerated corrosion test and a 10-year guarantee.

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