Promising leads

Unveiling its newly expanded Sturtz machining range in the UK for the first time, Elumatec enjoyed a successful FIT Show, leaving Birmingham with a string of promising leads.

The firm’s newest offerings include the Sturtz FlexCentre 160, a cutting and machining centre for PVCU window and door production. Boasting a 6-axis machining module and a triple sawing unit, the automatic preload of profile bars and off-load conveyor belt maximise productivity and efficiency, the company said.

Also on display was the Sturtz TXR 3/2 corner transom cleaner – a product that fully automates the cleaning of corners, transoms and crucifix welds.

The Sturtz VSM turbo welder is a high-speed vertical 4-point welder offering high-temperature welding that can reportedly reduce welding times by up to 30% – while the Sturtz Contourline is capable of producing smooth, virtually seamless corner welds much quicker than methods that involve complex specialist welding processes.

Phil Heavey, Elumatec UK MD, said: “There’s huge potential in the PVCU market. Technological advancements mean the best PVCU products are now on par with high-performance aluminium and composite alternatives – especially when they’re manufactured to an exceptional standard, using best-in-class machining products.”

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