Production efficiency improved

Since launching its own brand range of machinery earlier this year, all designed to make targeted aspects of joinery production quicker, easier and more efficient, Mighton Products has welcomed a growing number of positive reviews, with the latest coming from Glasgow based sash window specialists Conservation Windows.

The family run firm recently purchased the Mighton Scribe-It machine, one of the most popular products in the range.

“We have regularly been buying sash window components, such as sash cords, seals and ironmongery, from Mighton for the last decade,” director Archie MacLean said, “so we had no hesitation in looking to them for our machinery needs.

“We took full advantage of the Mighton Mobile Demonstration Vehicle service and booked a visit with Dale Cook, giving us a chance to ‘try before you buy’ and ask him any questions we had before going ahead with the purchase.

“We have had the machine in our workshop for around a month now and there has been a notable impact on our output in terms of both speed and quality of finish. The machine itself is compact, straightforward to set up, and very easy to use. It’s a good value product and there is nothing about it I would change.”

Mighton chairman Mike Derham said: “The manufacture of authentic timber windows and doors is an artform where it is necessary for much of the process to be done by hand, but by introducing machines to complete the bottleneck stages of this process the overall operation can be far more efficient and cost effective.”