Product addition

Hodgson Sealants has added its new Foamfix expanding foam in a gun grade formulation, along with a dedicated cleaner and a gun, to its product range.

Foamfix is suitable for a wide range of gap filing and sealing applications and is a moisture cure, polyurethane construction foam developed by Hodgson for the use in window and door installations. It can add structural rigidity in applications and, with low post-expansion, it reduces the risk of damage to surrounding substrates.

Two of the key features of Foamfix are its high thermal insulation and sound reduction properties, while being highly adhesive. It’s been formulated to cure quickly and it can be cut or sawn once cured, along with its compatibility with paint, plaster and other sealants.

As a gun grade foam, it provides for better application and reduced waste.

Gary Thomas, commercial director of Hodgson Sealants, said: “It’s our intention to build on our outstanding product range and to become the default sealant brand in the UK for the trade and specialist applicator markets.”