Popular choice

The TriSys frame system, designed and manufactured by ODL Europe, is the result of a £1.5 million investment, it has been announced.

The outer frame and the inner cassette screw together to hold the door glass into place, and the system has been designed to ensure they can be aligned quickly and accurately. The inner frame then snaps on.

“The innovative clip system of TriSys frames eliminates screw hole covers, giving a more attractive finish,” ODL Europe’s managing director Nathan Barr said. “It also means they are exceptionally easy-to-use which makes them a very popular choice.”

The system needs no preparation, no adhesion promoter and no special primers.

The material used in the construction reduces warping in high heat areas and the system eliminates leaking and improves weather fastness.

The TriSys system is straightforward to dismantle so the glass panel can easily be replaced if it is damaged or changed to update the look of a composite door.

Available in white, red, green, blue, black, oak and rosewood, the TriSys system meets PAS24 and Secured by Design requirements.