Planning for growth

Haffner Murat has installed two pieces of fabrication machinery for Mercury Glazing Supplies.

Chris Reeks, Mercury’s sales and marketing director, said: “We have a strong growth strategy in place and our investment in new machinery from Haffner Murat will help us continue to deliver exceptional quality and exceptional lead times as our order volumes increase.”

Mercury invested in a CN770 CNC corner cleaner and an SMR-4 four-headed welder.

“Haffner Murat has a well-deserved reputation in the industry for delivering reliable, high quality machinery and Dave Thomas’s [managing director at Haffner] hands on approach, attention to detail, and rapid response is superb,” Chris said. “The machines will add further value to our fabrication process.”

The CN770 cleans corners quickly with no manual intervention, improving output times and quality. The machine can store up to 400 different profile dimensions and properties, saving programming time in the fabrication process. It is suitable for both white and coloured frames, a feature that was particularly important for Mercury, which is seeing considerable growth in orders for coloured profiles.

The SMR-4 is a fast and accurate in-line welder, which attracted Mercury because the company was looking to achieve maximum return on investment in its production operation. The welder offers five welds on four heads, which makes three square welding possible as well as being quick and easy to operate.

Dave Thomas said: “Mercury has got an ambitious plan for growth in place and it was vital to invest in the right machinery to support the plan; we were delighted to work with the Mercury team from the very earliest discussions on the machinery that would best suit their needs to commissioning the [machines].”