Pet access provided

The popularity of sliding and bifold doors has increased in recent years. However, until recently, the choice of pet doors available to match premium doors was minimal.

Pet-Tek UK’s new range of pet doors have been developed for glass doors. The sleek, minimal frames on the pet doors mean they are significantly less imposing on glass doors than traditional alternatives.

They are also durable and reduce problems such as broken flaps and locking dials.

Homeowners also open up their homes, such as a kitchen diner, or a lounge kitchen diner. These connected spaces will commonly feature a large set of glass doors, whether sliding or bifold.

These glass doors provide the main access from the home to the back garden, not just for humans but for small domestic pets also, notably cats and small dogs.

Traditional pet doors for glass doors are quite bulky units that are considered a bit of an eyesore for homeowners, architects, interior designers and glaziers.

Pet-Tek UK has reported that its range of premium pet doors have been increasingly installed on glass doors over recent years – pet doors that look attractive and are long lasting.

Steven King, owner of Pet-Tek, said: “Our range of high quality pet doors is growing increasingly popular with pet owners, glaziers, architects, interior designers, self-builders and other door professionals. For the models that fit onto glass doors such as the G-SDD and G-DD, not only do they look great with their unobtrusive, slim line frames, but they are easier, quicker and more cost-effective to fit than traditional doors as they can be fitted to round cut-outs rather than more time consuming square cut-outs.

So for homeowners it means less disruption to fit the pet door, and for the glaziers it means they can complete the installation quicker and easier, meaning they can move onto their next project sooner.”

Pet-Tek also offers a range of high quality pet doors for wood, PVCU and composite doors.