Passivhaus in colour

Kömmerling can achieve the Passivhaus standard with its System 88 tilt and turn platform in full colour, thanks to proStratoTec technology. It is now certified to the Dr Feist standard with a Uf of 0.79W/m2K across all colours.

PVCU window profiles with the fibreglass-reinforced proStratoTec material are characterised by a high degree of dimensional stability and rigidity. The material can also be recycled without any problems – separated using colour sorters and later fed back into the production process as recycled material.

It helps insulate much more effectively than steel and drastically improves a window’s heat transfer coefficient.

“In addition, there is an enormous weight saving which pays off in production, transport and installation, especially with ever larger window elements,” the company said. “There are also no other restrictions or changes in manufacturing and installation processes and proStratoTec products can be processed on any production line without any special conversion.”

Robert Thiroff, managing director of Profine UK and the Kömmerling brand, said: “Our System 88 platform is a flagship product from a technical perspective and this latest development of proStratoTec opens up considerable opportunities in colour while meeting the important Dr Feist standard.”