Partners’ scheme grows

Quickslide soft launched its Trade Partners support scheme to established customers in March to ensure a controlled uptake in a bid to ensure each new member was eased into the scheme to enjoy its full benefits from the beginning.

Quickslide has reported that take up has comfortably exceeded expectations, with the company stepping up its resources.

More than 40 Quickslide customers registered within the first 30 days with each complying with the strict proviso that they are members of a recognised Competent Persons Scheme and meet industry standards for health and safety.

Quickslide Trade Partner status then affords a package of benefits including marketing support, sales leads, training to improve sales and marketing, accountancy, and other business management services.

Marketing support includes personalisation of brochures and advertising templates together with website content, van and showroom customisation, and point of sale material.

Being a Quickslide Trade Partner also brings a share of the 3,500 sales leads that Quickslide generates throughout the year from its advertising and appearance at home interest shows throughout the UK.

Leads are supplied free of charge to members according to their post codes with each lead shown to be worth an average of £1,500. Additionally, Quickslide will work with members to ensure they have the skills not only to respond appropriately when leads are received but also to improve conversion through Quickslide’s lead support and conversion service.

There is no membership fee, with most of the services provided free of charge. Members only pay for the trade literature that they use, itself provided at cost with artwork free of charge. Web design, business consultancy and sales leads are all provided free of charge.

Quickslide’s sales director Tom Swallow said: “We want our customers to grow their businesses and, of course, we then grow with them. But a key aspect of this is mutual loyalty, something that we want to develop and actually reward. The vast majority of Quickslide customers have been with us for years and the Trade Partner scheme will give something very valuable back to them.”

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