Part M threshold

MI Products has designed and developed the FX15 threshold as a complete Document Q (ADQ), Part M and SBD solution, an integral part of the Lifetime Homes standard.

FX15 has achieved a 15mm upstand without any extensions or ramps, creating a compact, contained design that is suitable for double, single and composite doors.

Ian Searle, director at MI Products, said: “The Building Regulation focusing on accessibility and ease of use, known as Part M compliance, is increasingly becoming a requirement for both new-builds and refurbishments.

“FX15 is the ultimate solution for Part M and ADQ, as it enables easy entrances and exits for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility, thanks to the genuine 15mm upstand. It also makes it ideal for children and pushchairs.”

The low threshold boasts a ‘Slide and Lock’ shootbolt striker system and a fixed security mushroom. As the door closes, the fixed security mushroom engages into its striker. By locking the door, the shootbolts are engaged and the door can’t disengage, lift or drop.

“We developed the shootbolt system to help double doors meet Secured by Design certification and the fixed security mushroom is a big sell to homeowners, offering visible security,” Ian said.

The FX15 threshold has been designed to offer ease of fabricating and fitting.

“We’re committed to solving problems for fabricators and installers as the low threshold is supplied fully prepped and pre-packed so that all you need to do is pick it up off the shelf and fix it into the doors using just two screws, saving time and leaving no room for mistakes,” Ian said.