Online cut-resistant clothing shop launched

CutPRO has launched an online shop – – in a bid to improve access to high quality cut-resistant PPE, British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) Safety Supplier registered members.

Specialising in cut-resistant clothing, the company is working with the BSIF to prove that “anyone can sell safety, but you shouldn’t buy safety from just anyone”.

This is in response to the global surge of non-compliant PPE through online marketplaces, offering lower prices on unregulated clothing and counterfeit CE documentation and certificates, CutPRO said.

Kayleigh Davis, head of sales at CutPRO, said: “As appealing as the lower price point is, it is highly likely that counterfeit items could put your health and, in some cases, your life at risk.”

As a BSIF Safety Supplier Member undertaking Safe Supply accreditation qualifications, CutPRO wants to reassure its customers that they are purchasing from a legitimate supplier of PPE which can educate them in best practice and product care.

An example of the dangers of counterfeit PPE was released by the BSIF where two safety helmets undertook a drop test. One was an illegal copy of a safety helmet which cracks open, despite claims that it matches the capabilities of the original, which remained unscathed.

It was fully marked and embossed and only spotted due to slight cracking of the shells. As a result, the business that purchased these helmets had to replace them at a substantial cost, as they were not fit for purpose and in breach of Health and Safety Regulations.

According to the BSIF, the “high value resources like the Registered Safety Supplier Scheme are driving a huge transformation of the industry. The happy side effect of this is that BSIF members are now being sought out in PQQs and tender documents by a more discerning PPE buyer.”