Online commercial benefits

Hurst Doors’ new ‘Your Hurst’ online customer support package, together with the existing Hurst Live Trade Portal, is helping to deliver increases in both customer numbers and weekly door volumes, the company said.

The Consultancy, now part of the Business Micros Group, began working with Hurst in 2019 to deliver the trade-only portal that encompasses everything from a lead generating door designer to an online ordering platform. Now, it has completed the next phase of the project, adding online payments, live order tracking, access to a complete suite of marketing support materials, and a live chat function.

Richie Thornton, director at The Consultancy, said: “Hurst is deriving real commercial benefits from what we have delivered so far, so it makes perfect sense for us to continue developing and enhancing that digital offering.

“The new Your Hurst package gives Hurst a new way of getting closer to customers and strengthening those relationships, without a huge investment in manpower.

“The focus on what we have done for Hurst has been on creating a stylish and user-friendly interface, underpinned by a robust and secure platform. In terms of customer engagement, we have used all our market knowledge and experience to deliver something which works for their trade installer base, but we have also used our technical skills to integrate that successfully with the existing pricing model and migrate the whole portal to a brand new server.”

As well as Hurst Live and Your Hurst, The Consultancy has also delivered a Hurst Door Store via its sister company The Glazing Vault, which enables trade customers to host the Hurst Door Designer on their own websites, fully tailored to their own brand and linked directly to Hurst for online ordering.