On trend and on demand

With the German and Dutch businesses well established, OnLevel was launched in the UK in February by glass industry professional Gary Dean, who explains that central to OnLevel’s success in its maiden year is the focus on customers’ needs.

The warehouse and offices facilities in Manchester are ideally placed to provide comprehensive delivery throughout the UK, and are integral to OnLevel’s distribution service throughout Europe.

It’s important that our customers understand that we provide a service, not just a product. It’s a simple ethos – we want to build solid relationships with our customers and ultimately trust and reassurance.

Our team is on demand to answer any questions relating to the product and its application, whether that is by a conversation on the phone or email. Many answers can be resolved by accessing our library of online information, including BIM and CAD downloads.

The business is focused on innovation and providing solutions with genuine benefits to the installer and end user; we listen to what our customers say to inform our product development.

SkyForce is a prime example of this and bang on trend in the UK. As we move towards 2018 we will be launching a completely new product in the market, one that’s truly innovative and going to be better on every level.

With the sleek The SkyForce Juliet balcony system, and the range of adjustable frameless glass balustrade solutions precision engineered from Germany, OnLevel had an impressive foundation to work from in the UK. The SkyForce Juliet balcony system has proven to be very popular with customers in the UK, its design and minimal look are right on trend, and admired by homeowners and designers alike.