Non-invasive gas testing

Inagas has partnered with Edgetech UK to bring the Sparklike Laser high performance, non-invasive gas testing equipment to the UK.

Inagas director, Chris Kemp, said: “Over the past 15 years, Sparklike has become well known for its non-invasive gas detection devices, with the Sparklike Handheld and Sparklike Laser considered the industry standard worldwide.

“Brand new to the UK market, the Sparklike Laser can be used to test double and triple glazed IGUs through coated and laminated glass and can accurately determine the IGU glass and cavity thickness measuring gas content from 1%-99%.”

The Sparklike Laser is based on laser technology (TDLAS) to measure the oxygen content inside an IGU. The results are then converted to display an argon, krypton or mixed inert gas reading.

It is vailable in two distinct versions: the Sparklike Laser Standard is an offline solution for test labs and desktop use; or the Sparklike Laser Portable is a whole system integrated into a heavy duty case with wheels and a battery for mobility in factories and building sites.

“Already well known in the UK market, Sparklike Handheld’s technology is based on plasma emission spectroscopy,” Chris said. “A high voltage spark is launched in the IGUs cavity causing a light emission which is observed and analysed further. The user can simply place the device against the unit, press the button and receive an instant result with high accuracy. Sparklike Handheld is a perfect solution for glass industry’s tightening production standards delivering quick and accurate quality sampling.”

Inagas is the sole UK agent, working with distributor partner Edgetech UK to promote the Sparklike range.